All photography provided by Jason Till

Berwyn Mountaineering is a small company that excels in providing a friendly and personal approach. We are proud to provide Mountain Training UK awards in the Hill & Mountain Skills, Rock Sills Introduction and Intermediate, Lowland Leader Award (Training and Assessment) and the Expedition Skills Module courses. Berwyn Mountaineering is also available for Freelance work in most parts of the UK, or if you just want a day out either walking or climbing then please get in touch. We also hold the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) licence. We also hold the prestigious Adventuremark status that proves we have met the necessary standards for the safe delivery of adventure activities as defined by the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) 

Berwyn Mountaineering is committed to making sure our provision reflects the needs of client groups and individuals.

For each client group we ensure that:

  •  Activities are appropriate to client group.

  •  Programmes can be adapted to reflect changing circumstances.

  •  Equipment is appropriate.

  •  Staff experience relates to specific client groups and the activity programme.


Our Mission

To provide our clients with the confidence and skills to operate in the hill or mountain environment either solo, with others or by leading groups in a lowland leader setting, also to learn the skills required to go climbing at a crag safely and enjoyable.

Berwyn Mountaineering has helped me go from never going out to pushing my comfort zone
— Jed,

Courses we offer

  • MTUK Hill & Mountain Skills.

  • MTUK Rock Skills Introduction & Intermediate

  • MTUK Lowland Leader Award.

  • MTUK Expedition Skills Module.

  • Walking in Mountains.

  • Climbing Days.

  • Expeditions and wild camping